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About us

Neco Studio was created in late 2019 by founder Neelabh Kumar as an independent crafts and design space nestled in the suburbs of New Delhi. Starting from a small space within the founder’s apartment, Neco has grown into its own by navigating design challenges and engaging with larger shifts in culture since its inception and was established formally in 2022. As the label has grown, it has increasingly incorporated contemporary practices and conversations into its design process. Approaching these developments in an engaged manner and maintaining the vision for creative exploration, the studio continues to engage with artists and craftspeople to create unique languages that translate through spaces, communications and products.

Neco Studio specialises in original Art products, Fashion and Lifestyle goods. Neco products are made by hand, in-house by our resident artist in limited quantities and are available for purchase through art and design markets, our website and by direct messaging us. As a studio, we believe in sustainable practices and engage in slow fashion and production methods to ensure waste reduction and quality output.

As a producer of creative arts in the 21st century, Neco Studio attempts to blend the unique influences of the present era in its work. New age materials and innovative techniques are married with traditional emphasis on craftsmanship and storytelling, often evoking a dichotomous critique on the nature of our times that has become a foundational motif found through our archive. The studio engages in project based approach to create limited and unique items with a human centric approach. Each item made by Neco is crafted by hand in limited quantities, allowing us to produce unique and expressive products which are more than just a sum of its parts, carrying with them a part of a larger story.

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C-2 / 2178,
Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi - 110070
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