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Perpetual Bags (2022)

The Perpetual Bag

Inspired by the eternal traveller and the wide range of environments on the subcontinent, a desire to produce a companion bag arose, one that could dynamically carry over from the Himalayan mountains to the Thar desert and onto the beaches of the Deccan. A research and testing based approach led to the development of a Studio original bag designed to carry all essentials for any travel destination.

Available in 3 colours | Midnight Black | Forest Green | Pure White.

Each bag was woven meticulously by hand in custom printed, high tensile Poly tapes. These industrial strength tapes are fire retardant, water and dust proof requiring minimal cleaning and care. 

Requiring over 50 man hours to produce they can carry 20kgs with comfort lending to an innovative Arch style handle that divides the weight in 8 directions, keeping the entire structure balanced and distributing pressure evenly when lifted for reduced strain on shoulders and arms.

The tight yet flexible weave structures that makes up the body, take on the shape of and provides cushioning to belongings placed inside, all while looking distinctly chic in every setting.

Studio Original

Perpetual Bags (2022)

Designed, Constructed and Shot in house

at Neco Studio.




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